Collaboration Station

Looking to collaborate on some dope music with Bones The Producer? Here's your chance. Each month 3 slots will be available for PRODUCERS and SONGWRITERS to work with me on beats and/or songs. My genres of expertise are: Hip Hop, Modern R&B, Urban Pop, and Dancehall/Afrobeat. If you are versed in these genres and are ready to put in some work, lets make it happen and secure these bags! Whether you have a beat that needs finishing or you'd like to contribute to one of my unfinished beats, I'm down to work. If you're a songwriter and want to work on something from scratch with me, I'm game as well. For now, collabs are FREE of charge, BUT profits from completed projects will be split at a percentage agreed upon. Ready to work? Grab one of the slots below and I will contact you within 24hrs!

**Note that once a slot is locked in, there will no longer be a "CLICK TO COLLAB" button available**